Partnership with Vinod Shah & Co​

What the Principle of Barnfield Skills Academy has to say about Vinod Shah & Co.


At the Barnfield Skills Academy in York Street, we are very proud to host the Barnfield ‘Law and Accountancy Academy’ that operates on a Tuesday for interview-selected students from across the Barnfield Federation. The talented, enthusiastic and dedicated young stars study for a GCSE in ‘Law’ or AAT in ‘Accountancy’, along with a BTEC in ‘Employability Skills’ and a GCSE in ‘Business’, with a view to progressing through our sixth forms, on to university and a career in these excellent services.


A major incentive for our students is an extremely strong link with local businesses and this is where Ravi Shah from Vinod Shah & Co. has excelled in his commitment and dedication. Completing regular presentations to our accountancy body and offering invaluable work experience opportunities, Ravi has established ‘applied’ projects for our students to complete and present. An example of this was the excellent ‘Budgeting’ exercise; where students were asked to budget for a Christmas Party. With a fixed budget, the option of a fixed-rate loan and all the mounting costs incurred, the students were asked to focus on strategies including; cost leadership, differentiation and market focus.


Support such as this from our local community is ‘gold dust’ and brings the subjects to life. We are most grateful to Vinod Shah & Co for their interest and fantastic support. We look forward to many years of partnership with this excellent company.